Make Great Design Of The Wedding Flower Bouquet

The bridal bouquet is one of the more important flower arrangements in a wedding. The wedding flower bouquet design should complement the pide’s dress and not clash with it. Many people believe that a simple wedding dress warrants a lavish wedding flower bouquet while an ornate wedding dress should have a simple bouquet. This may be the case for some but for others, both ornate and lavish designs of the dress and the wedding flower bouquet may just complement each other well enough for the pide to pull it off. Contemporary wedding flower bouquets are the most recent addition to bouquets and these are random designs that can be of any shape and flower. Some Lower Hutt florists who also knew much about wedding venues NZ and some wonderful bay of islands accommodation provided the following information.

This wedding flower bouquet design has been around for centuries. It is actually not so popular these days and may be considered quite old fashioned. This design consists of a rounded bunch of flowers at the hand of the pide with a cascade of similar flowers and leaves falling off the main bunch. The trail that falls off the main bouquet of blooms may be made up of trailing ribbons, smaller blooms of the original flowers at the top and other foliage that are similar to ivy. This kind of wedding flower bouquet design can actually help to make a pide look slimmer and taller. This design is suitable for a formal wedding which is usually held indoors or in a church.

This wedding flower bouquet design consists of a bunch of flower created to look like a ball. This wedding bouquet is usually tightly packed and is made up of similar flowers. Roses and tulips are great for this wedding flower bouquet design. There may be additions of complementing flowers but these are usually kept to a minimum as well as foliage which are used to fill out the bouquet. This kind of wedding flower bouquet may not be so complimentary on pides with rounded body features since the roundness of the bouquet may also emphasize the rounded hips of the pide as well as her other rounded features. 

The posy wedding flower bouquet design is probably the closest to informal that a wedding bouquet can get. This is a hand tied bouquet that has the look of the flowers being just picked from the garden and then put together. The wedding flower bouquet may look disorganized and random but florists who make these are sure to have a certain style in mind when making them. Different types of flowers can be used for this bouquet and fillers and foliage an also be abundant.

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